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Vabbing tiktok video

In case you have no clue what vabbing is – and if so, lucky you – it's the latest TikTok trend that promises to attract potential partners.. The method is simple. "Vabbing" is just vagina dabbing. Basically, using vaginal juices as a perfume. It's long been claimed that scent is a big part of attraction, so people have been dabbing their vaginal fluid onto all the places they.

TikTok video from Beatriz Wright (@empathscove): "VABBING #titktoksa #stitch". Guys 😭 wtf it's coochie juice! Coochie juice... What's next? 😱🤣💀 | 😼VABBING😼 | Are you gonna be putting men's swimmer juice🍆 on your TOAST next? | .... original sound. Le Vabbing fait le buzz sur TikTok. Cette pratique consiste à appliquer les sécrétions vaginales comme du parfum dans le but de faire naître le désir sexuel chez l'autre.

Vabbing videos are taking over TikTok . As explained by Healthline, vabbing is the peculiar process of dipping vaginal fluids on your body like perfume in order to attract a sexual partner. Yes I heard that well. Women on TikTok really use their own vaginal secretions as perfume and apply it to pressure points like the neck, wrists, and ears.

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The controversial 'aphrodisiac', vabbing has gone viral on TikTok. It involves using fluids from your vagina as a perfume to attract a partner or make yourself more attractive to others. Some women use it because vaginal secretions contain pheromones, which they believe make them more desirable to others. This isn't a new trend, as it appeared to surface in 2019, but TikTok creators recently jumped on the hype and started sharing their personal experiences. Among those creators is @Jewlieah, who claims she's had great success with vabbing in a series of TikTok posts. In one recent video, she revealed she vabbed before she went to the gym and got.

Since her original video, there's been thousands of responses, with the #vabbingtrend hashtag having over 1.5 million views. ... is taking social media sites like TikTok by storm. Vabbing is the.

TikTok video from 🪳 (@onlyang1ee): "ok but FR get off me if u do vabbing. Like thats fr nasty. What has this world become 😭😭 #getoffme #nasty #nastyaf #bro #ew #fypシ #foryoupage". “I participate in vabbing! 😁”. original sound.

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